Sunday :: Dec 4, 2005

Bush Strongly in the Running For Worst. President. Ever.

by Mary

Historians are starting to believe that Bush will prove capable of outdoing James Buchanan as America's worst.president.ever.

[James Buchanan] was the guy who in 1861 passed on the mess to the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln. Buchanan set the standard, a tough record to beat. But there are serious people who believe that George W. Bush will prove to do that, be worse than Buchanan. I have talked with three significant historians in the past few months who would not say it in public, but who are saying privately that Bush will be remembered as the worst of the presidents.

Out of 415 historians polled by the History News Network, 388 believe Bush is failing, 77 thought he was succeeding, and a total of 50 felt that he was clearly in the lead for worse president ever. Even conservative historians are impressed with his ability to screw up. Here's the criteria that is brought up by historians as why Bush is so high in these rankings:

  • He has taken the country into an unwinnable war and alienated friend and foe alike in the process;
  • He is bankrupting the country with a combination of aggressive military spending and reduced taxation of the rich;
  • He has deliberately and dangerously attacked separation of church and state;
  • He has repeatedly "misled," to use a kind word, the American people on affairs domestic and foreign;
  • He has proved to be incompetent in affairs domestic (New Orleans) and foreign (Iraq and the battle against al-Qaida);
  • He has sacrificed American employment (including the toleration of pension and benefit elimination) to increase overall productivity;
  • He is ignorantly hostile to science and technological progress;
  • He has tolerated or ignored one of the republic's oldest problems, corporate cheating in supplying the military in wartime.

The article points out that it is still early, and perhaps Bush can change what his legacy will be. Yet, what concerns ordinary Americans is we really can't afford to give him a chance to screw up even more than he already has.

The final twist to this piece? The historians generally agree that there are even worse people around the White House than Bush and Buchanan. The person in today's White House that wins this contest hands down is Dick Cheney. Lucky us: we have a surfeit of miserable failures to clean up when these guys are gone.

Hat tip to the Sideshow.

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