Tuesday :: Dec 6, 2005

Who You Talkin’ To, Bitch?

by paradox

Liberals, activists, labor organizers, feminists, single payer advocates, progressives, bloggers and political junkies all got a shocking pause to their anchored worldview yesterday: Bush made a speech deploring the precarious state and abuse of worker’s pensions, calling for reform. It was as if Bush suddenly might be a real president after five years of failure and lying, speaking the truth for the benefit of little people.

Earth to White House: words mean nothing. After lying to start the war, lying about being serious in catching Osama, about the qualifications of Harriet Myers, about spending $50 billion to rebuild New Orleans, about going to Mars, you filthy liars, the useless resonance from hot air and flapping lips of the President doesn’t mean a god damn thing, nobody believes liars. I’ll listen when the President says he’s signed a real pension reformed bill endorsed by labor and not before.

The story flared briefly on the AP wire and a few blogs; it’s very doubtful it made the corporate evening news. It’s extremely rare that I disagree with Atrios, Jesus and the Saints eternally protect him, but I would definitely not give Bush a pat on the head for this little stunt. I’d pugnaciously push the little war felon in the chest and ask him this question: who you talkin’ to, bitch?

Since when have you ever gave a rats ass about workers, Mr. Bush? Pensions have been looted and gutted for the last 20 years, but five years into the job you suddenly notice?

When both parents had to go to work to survive in this country and the government just sat there and did nothing about daycare, about the welfare of our worker’s children, where the hell were you? On vacation in Crawford, hiding from Cindy Sheehan.

When meatpacking companies gutted their unions and turned the plants into horror shows of lost worker’s hands and dead kids from unsafe meat, what were you doing? Oh yeah, bouncing in little trysts at Camp David that eventually got Condi to call you her husband.

As GM and Ford executive leadership mentally masturbated at how good their light truck companies were and shed 150,000 auto jobs in the last five years—150,000 families, Mr. Bush, who just saw their American Dream go down the shitter—what did you say then? Oh that’s right, there was a terror alert to scare working people with, not anything worthwhile to do in trying to get their jobs back.

When, incredibly, IT jobs—formerly the most secure and in demand—simply vanished in the last five years as investment fled to India, what did you do then? Yap about free trade as workers lost their homes to outsourcing.

When corporate crooks cooked the books, stole millions and threw their workers on the street by wrecking their companies at Tyco, Worldcom and Enron, where did you go to give a speech on the utmost necessity of ethical, responsible business leadership? Fucking nowhere, that’s where, because you were a clumsy corporate crook with your own rigged rich daddy’s boys companies and can’t say a thing.

As the workers of Walmart have repeatedly sued that filthy company for wage ripoffs and sex discrimination, how did you decide to help them? By signing that incredibly noxious bankruptcy bill, which screwed our workers to indentured servitude after they’d been broken by health care costs in this cruel, mean country.

When millions of workers in this country have to work two jobs to survive because wages stink in this worker’s hellhole, what did you write that would advance their cause and terrible plight? Oh yeah, “Let freedom ring” after a rigged Iraqi election where the sons and daughters American workers die so such an “election” can take place.

The contempt that Bush and the Republicans hold for our citizen and country knows no bounds. They’ll lie to us for years and gleefully giggle as millions of worker’s lives get trashed (what’s not to like as long as a tax break comes with the news?) yet expect people to take them seriously when that war felon gives one speech defending pensions.

Nobody believed a word of it, ‘cause Bush has shown for a very long time he doesn’t give a damn about American workers, and it is a gross insult to our intelligence to think any real reform or good will come about for workers as long as Bush and the Republicans are in power. They don’t give a damn about our workers, they never have. They only care about tax breaks for rich people and lower costs for corporate profits at the expense of the planet and our workers, nothing more.

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