Tuesday :: Dec 6, 2005

Take Off Your Kneepads John McCain

by Steve

Would someone please tell John McCain that he can return Judy Miller’s kneepads and stop servicing W, so that he can retain some shred of his former respect? It’s bad enough that McCain poodled himself to help Bush last year, while forgetting what Bush was doing to the troops that McCain supposedly cared about. It’s bad enough that in his quest for the GOP nomination in 2008 he has taken to whoring himself to any wingbat far right group like a dimestore hooker to show them he’s conservative enough. He now wants to show that he is a “big thinker” on Iraq by belittling John Murtha for being too emotional and apparently too old.

The lunacy here is that McCain portrays himself as being more mature and a big thinker by aligning himself with a cabal and an administration that has blundered its way into one the country’s worst foreign policy debacles ever. And by belittling the 73 year-old Murtha for being too emotionally involved with the funerals and the families of those lost in the war, the 69 year-old McCain wants us to think he is a forward-looking, steady-as-we-go serious leader, yet I have still not heard where McCain differs at all from the Bush policy of stalling. Does McCain plan to denigrate Chuck Hagel as well? How many funerals has McCain attended, and how many families of the fallen in Arizona has McCain visited?

Or are the trips to the White House to service Bush getting in the way of such “too emotional” activities? Any man who sidles up to Ken Blackwell to kiss his ass for his support is a man who sells his soul to be elected, and is no better than any Democrat that any troll would criticize. See, the thing is, I have disliked Bush since 2001 because I was on to him early, and nothing he has done since has made me reconsider that borderline hatred of him and what he has done to this country. But I held out hope that McCain would be able to lead the GOP back from the brink, and would be someone of principle rather than a hack with better press.

Kiss my ass McCain. You will never, ever get my vote. I prefer my leaders to have some principles, not kneepads.

(Hat Tip to ThinkProgress)

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