Tuesday :: Dec 6, 2005

An American "Downing Street Memo"

by eriposte

Suppose some evidence were to (re)surface tomorrow which shows that:

There was specific, documented (perhaps verbal) communication from a Bush administration official to Congress, which formally confirmed that it was the Bush administration's official policy to lie to or mislead the public about Iraq's WMD capabilities

Can you pick a term for something like that, which is as catchy as "Downing Street Memo"?

Seriously. (Because there was such a communication - and I'll talk about it probably tomorrow).

I personally like Oval Office Protocol - but I'm not that creative with picking these kind of terms.

Do take a moment and add your idea in the comments. But, please - no slang, no foul words,...

The term has to be catchy, succinct and mainstream. Something that will make it easier to spread it through the media.

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