Thursday :: Dec 8, 2005

Condi Continues The "All Bark, No Bite" Tour

by Steve

Remember all that spin from Condi’s flak merchant Jim Wilkinson, he of White House Iraq Group fame, that Condi would be talking tough and taking no prisoners this week when she stuck it to the Europeans on their concerns over rendition and our torture practices? My, oh my, how things can change. The AP reports that Rice is now making nice with the Europeans this morning. The Post reports that Rice is walking backwards from the supposed tough line that Wilkinson fed to the American media over the weekend. The New York Times says that Rice is having a tough time convincing the Europeans of anything, but is managing to confuse those here at home about what her new comments mean. The AP says she is avoiding answering direct questions.

Well, at least Rummy is being clear: he has no plans to retire, even if the White House wants his ass gone for Joe Lieberman.

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