Friday :: Dec 9, 2005

Show Them Mine And I'll Show Them Yours!

by pessimist

I knew it would come to this! It was only a matter of time before the Bu$h (mi$)Admini$tration openly resorted to blackmail!

Condi Rice is over in the EU intending to tell them 'the truth' about the secret CIA torture dens on their continent, and it hasn't been going well. Unlike here in America, the media is actually doing its job and reporting more than the daily White House talking points. This, of course, isn't playing well with the Wicked Witch of the Western Hemisphere, so she had to put on her dominatrix hat and 'explain' in a language the EU member governments understand:

On a trip that ended on Friday, Rice aimed to defuse anger that has raged across the continent since a newspaper report early last month said the United States held suspects in clandestine jails in eastern Europe.

Allies, who had responded to public pressure by seeking answers from Washington before Rice's trip, quickly retreated in the face of her defense that the United States respected their sovereignty and acted within the law in its war on terrorism.

Governments had little appetite to reopen a transatlantic rift after clashes over the Iraq war and avoided digging too deeply into accusations that could expose their own tactics against militants.

Et tu, Europa?

Not if the people of the EU have their say!

Rice won a reprieve from European governments over the U.S. treatment of detainees this week but public pressure is unlikely to ease over allegations of secret CIA jails. Rice's refusal to answer the allegation of secret prisons has left a lightning rod for anger among European publics already critical of the United States over detainee abuse scandals in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

That means Europeans will continue to demand their leaders extract answers from Washington, Charles Kupchan of the Washington-based thinktank the Council on Foreign Relations said.

"Rice and her counterparts were successful at creating the image of a unified front," he said. "But I doubt this issue is going to be defused by the atmospherics in the realm of high politics."
"European governments are exposing themselves to further public pressure," he added.

Still, by declining for security reasons to reveal if secret prisons existed, Rice was essentially asking Europeans to trust her. She did so in a region of widespread anti-American sentiment where the superpower has a credibility problem.

And wasn't it a certain US president who advised Europe to 'Trust, but verify'? That appears to be the advice that the European in the Street is going to observe:

After Rice's departure, investigations by prosecutors, judges and human rights groups around Europe into the allegations of prisons, and of secret flights to move detainees between countries, are likely to stoke the controversy.

This is something that we can't expect from the American people! FAUX New$ tells them that everythings fine except for those damned gays who seek to marry, and they go back to watching Desperate Housewives even though it has turned to dreck (That's a '60s term kiddies. Ask your grandparents. But I digress).

In I, Claudius, Caligula advises 'Use a dog to catch a dog' when a soldier gets too ambitious. Maybe that could work in Condi's case, as she seems to be in a media cat fight:

Rice's use of technical, legal language to answer reporters' straight questions about prisons and torture techniques also did little to inspire confidence.

In a New York Times editorial entitled "Torturing the facts," Maureen Dowd cited Rice as saying "The United States government does not authorize or condone torture of detainees."

Dowd commented sarcastically: "It all depends what you mean by 'authorize,' 'condone,' 'torture,' and 'detainees.'"

And Ken Starr spent millions of "Your Money" determining what Bill Clinton meant by 'is'!

Aren't you Red Staters proud of the fine example Yore Leedur's Peepul are setting for the rest of the world?

I am - NOT!

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