Saturday :: Dec 10, 2005

Don't Bug Me, G-Man!

by pessimist

I just found out that the White House staff is conducting drills on responding to an outbreak of the H5N1 flu virus. One wonders why they would bother, considering their track record of disaster response!

The number of Kartina dead is still unknown, the medical response effort was slammed by doctors and House Members are hearing all about how race and class determined whether one got adequate Federal disaster assistance, something former RNC chair and current Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour complains about even though his relatives seem to be cashing in with no difficulties - as are many others!

With so many prominent Republicans caught in the criminal suspicion spotlight, and most Americans turned against the Iraq war and believing that George lied to them about it, Bu$hCo needs a new fear meme since 9-11 doesn't seem to be working anymore.

Since we're sick of Bu$h, why wouldn't Bu$h make us sick?

The flu is perfect for Bu$hCo purposes! It is a known killer whose gene sequence is known. College professors with Big Pharma connections are having their students research the virus, which - despite warnings - has been sent to 300 'non-government' research labs, including at least one lab in Canada. These extremely dangerous samples are thus much less secure than Bu$hCo would have us believe - especially with the incredibly ineffective Homeland Security Department in charge of viral pandemic response.

Considering the importance to Bu$hCo, it's no wonder they tried to bury the story by publicly claiming they were not going to distribute the virus to these labs - a change that didn't ring true to some scientists.

So no matter what nattering you hear scattering about from battered White House about how they are doing everything they can to protect you from the Avian flu, remember this:
The Bird Flu is Real -- And You're On Your Own
. This means you also, Jebbie! S. Florida unprepared for pandemic, and somehow I doubt the rest of your state is going to fare much better. Your brother's plans to invoke martial law have been widely slammed, and likely with good reason. No one thinks it will work - at least not on the flu!

It would, however, make it much easier for George to be able to realize his biggest wet dream:

"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."

It's enough to make you sick!

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