Saturday :: Dec 10, 2005

Richard Pryor's Dead, M@#%$&*!

by pessimist

Richard Pryor, comedian and film actor, dies at 65

Richard Pryor, the irreverent yet perceptive American actor-comedian who lived dangerously close to the edge on stage and off, has died.

He gained a wide following for his expletive-filled but personal insights into modern life and race relations. Racism was a major component of his routine ...

One has to wonder what he would think about this new reality show, announced on the very day he died:

Reality show makes contestants swap race to explore US bigotry

[I]n the latest twist on the reality genre, a white family will find out what it feels like to be black, and vice-versa.


A six-part series, called Black. White, has just been picked up by the cable station FX for broadcast next spring and promises to explore the single most explosive issue in American society - race.
The premise is that two families live under the same roof in the Los Angeles suburb of Tarzana and essentially swap racial identities.
The challenge for the make-up team is to make the families not only look convincing on camera, but also in their day-to-day interactions with ordinary people in the streets and the shopping malls of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.

The Sparks family of Atlanta undergo three to five hours of make-up every day to morph from black to white, while the Wurgels of Santa Monica emerge from their own heavy treatment by one of Hollywood's top make-up artists looking plausibly black.

The series has more serious credentials than most: its producers include an award-winning reality documentarian called RJ Cutler and the actor and rapper Ice Cube. Their intent, it seems, is less sensationalist than it is deeply political. "The loud message of the show is that we are a divided nation," Mr Cutler told reporters recently. "But we can come together if we're willing to talk about our differences and work to see the world through the eyes of other people."

No &#!^, M@$#@%&(@!!!!

Maybe we should make Bu$hCo watch this show! They might GASP! learn something!

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