Sunday :: Dec 11, 2005

Group W Advisors Employees

by Mary

Today I've been tracking down various aspects of the Brent Wilkes connection to the Rep Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA) bribery scandal. Joseph Cannon has been documenting how the data concerning Wilkes' Group W Advisors is being cleansed from their websites. The Group W Advisors have a palacial $11 million building in Poway, CA, but today their website is remarkably devoid of information about who they are and what they actually do there.

This Senate webpage lists the various companies that Group W Advisors represents and posted documents naming Joel G. Combs as the principle contact, while Michael D. Mack is shown to have signed off on various disclosures posted on the site.

Laura Rozen tracked down information about the main lobbyist for Group W Advisors here. As she noted, Joel G. Combs appears to be related to Brent Wilkes. The San Diego Union Tribune reports that Mr. Combs is the nephew of Brent Wilkes.

So who is Michael D. Mack? He was one of the two people listed on the Group W Advisors webpage where they provided bios. Of course, that information is no longer available, but the Google cache provides us this report.

The other employee with a published bio on the cached Group W Advisors page was Melissa Dollaghan. This seems to be the same person who wrote this letter last year after the election to the San Diego Union Tribute.

I respect that people feel passionately about an election and its results. It stings when you are on the losing side. But I cannot remember a time when the losers, in this case John Kerry supporters, so viciously attacked the intelligence, motives, faith and morality of the winner's voters.

The Kerry supporters' elitist and condescending tone has been unbelievable, but their insolent demonization of George Bush's supporters is unforgivable.

Let them go cower behind the rubble of their bankrupt ideas and try to figure out why Kerry's vision and ideas produced blue puddles amid a nation awash in red.

Bush's supporters voted for what they consider to be his superior vision and ideas. Maybe Kerry supporters should level their criticisms against Bush's policies; a vigorous dialogue about them is what America is all about. But spare us the malignant attacks on the intelligence and motives of Bush supporters. This type of dialogue is what truly divides America.

La Jolla

Hummmmm...So hubby, Rep. George E. Plescia (R-CA) is also connected to the Wilkes empire.

Getting back to Michael D. Mack, it turns out that he is (or was in 2004) the chairman of the Young Republican National Federation. According to Wot Is It Good 4 Mack and Combs are old time friends. According to one of the links that Lukery found, Senator Slade Gorton (R-WA) is tied to this gang as well. [Updated: Lukery points out that Melissa worked for Slade Gordon. He also ties Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) through one of the donations made by Mr. Combs.]

So far, all the politicians involved in this widening investigation that I've found are Republicans, including California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who named Wilkes to two state boards. Do you think they might start to be worried soon?

Update 2: I synopsized more of the threads I've pulled together on Wilkes in my Pacific Views post.

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