Sunday :: Dec 11, 2005

Mainstream Media Needs To Look In The Mirror

by Steve

There have been a fair number of bash-the-blogger pieces by members of the mainstream media of late. Normally I would disregard these stories as evidence of a hyper-sensitive Beltway class feeling a little put-upon by the new pamphleteers, and let it go at that. After all, I have never looked at what I do here as a threat or an eventual replacement to the print or broadcast media, and I am not a journalist, nor do I claim to be. This is a blog; this is not a newspaper, a magazine, or anything akin to the MSM, and I like it that way. But when you see members of the MSM get a little defensive and snooty towards blogs, and then you see how poorly the MSM has behaved over the last decade (as Wolcott touches upon), you have to wonder if the Beltway chattering class isn’t writing themselves out of relevance.

For example, the center-left blogosphere has written extensively over the last four weeks of evidence that Bush is increasingly detached from the real world, and lives in a bubble. Such claims are nothing new to those of us in the center-left blogosphere, yet this reality just now bit both Time and Newsweek in the ass in the same week. Read the Time piece and see how much of that story has already been covered in the center-left blogosphere.

Second, the center-left blogosphere has written extensively about the pathetic work habits of alleged journalists who would rather maintain access to the “In Crowd” in this administration and ignore stories right under their noses, than they would write these stories themselves or even put in the effort to investigate wrongdoing. Whether it was Judy Miller, Bob Woodward, Bob Novak, or now Viveca Novak, there has been ample evidence that political journalism doesn’t really exist to a large degree in this country, and you don’t have to believe the whinings of guys like me in the center-left blogosphere for proof. Just look at the account that Viveca Novak got into Time Magazine today, and you’ll see all the evidence of a reporter who has no command of the facts, had no regard for her primary job, and felt it was more important to be a part of the story to help Karl Rove than it was to tell her bosses that she was subpoenaed by Patrick Fitzgerald. I challenge anyone in the MSM to show me they have done a better job in covering the developments in the Plame case than the center-left blogosphere, especially Eriposte here, Jane and ReddHedd over at FireDogLake, Jeralyn Merritt at TalkLeft, and EmptyWheel at The Next Hurrah among others. The truth is, like the indispensable Greg Mitchell suggests at Editor and Publisher, Viveca Novak should be canned from her job at Time for her actions, instead of getting a leave of absence.

The center-left blogosphere is running circles around an industry that is marching towards the same fate as the dinosaurs.

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