Monday :: Dec 12, 2005

There Oughta Be A Law? Why Bother?

by pessimist

There are times I wonder why we pretend that law and order really means something when it's clear that we only believe in law and order only for everyone else. We are never at fault, and everything has a good reason for our doing it.

We might be forgiven for believing these fallacies considering that we are only emulating those who claim to be leading us.

Tookie Williams is definitely going to lose his life tonight while a murderer of thousands continues with his cushy-tushy lifestyle.

A man whose crime spree began with stealing from a store faces death while a man who stole the representation of his state from the voters can shop for a friendly jurist who would shiv the prosecution the back before they can even present their case.

You know that things are serious when conservatives complain about the morality of some of their own:

The New World Order looks good on paper, but it is based on the theory that leaders of nations throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East will recognize the futility of challenging the massive power of the US military and will passively hand over their resources, their treasures, their governments, their cultures and their gods, and will eagerly accept the gift of freedom and democracy that comes with US control.
Is that not extortion? A felony in every state in the Union?
Extortion is a criminal offense, which occurs when a person obtains money, behaviour, or other goods and/or services from another by wrongfully threatening or inflicting harm to this person, reputation, or property.

In addition, when an executive charged with upholding the law seeks to break it (while those widely believe to regularly break the law are loathe to do so!), and another lies about it to support that crime, is that not conspiracy?

Conspiracy is why the store burglar mentioned above is facing the loss of his life even though he never pulled a trigger in the murders of three people!

Could the conspiracy not also include the media, whose soft-peddling of the reporting of these crimes aids and abets those who impose their physical will on those they abducted - victims of the crimes of kidnapping and false imprisonment when they are held for torture in foreign lands whose governments are alleged to know about the commission of these crimes on their soil, even that they do it themselves for the same reasons?

We should just forget about enforcing any laws whatsoever. We should stop pretending that we want to live in anything more civilized than the jungle that having no laws to enforce would produce.

Women should resign themselves to lying back and enjoying it when a male wants sex. The weak should just meekly provide anything the bully wants anytime the bully wants it, and anyone's life and personal well-being are subject to anyone stronger deciding that they want to take or affect them in any way.

The only rules should be Might Makes Right. Every man for himself. Look out for Number One. Take whatever you want from whomever you want.

Do what you want - until someone stronger than you makes you stop. Only then do you have a superior who can do to you what you've done to everyone else. Only then will you understand why society has laws - and the taxation necessary to support the observance of those laws. Only then could you feel safe in your home, enjoying Monday Night Football in the comfort and security of your own home. Only then can you expect that soldiers won't break through your door and drag you off in front of your helpless family to Zanzibar in the middle of the night so that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi can 'ask' you what you did and why you did it to the people of his country while using a little 'friendly persuasion - before he lops off your head with a knife like you would do to him with sharp aerial bomb fragments.

There is, however, some good news - if it can be believed. Some are tired of abusive legislators. Some are tired of the slander of legitimate war heroes. Some want to practice what the lying preachers teach, and to release the Deity from the occultation of a false god.

Maybe then there will Peace on Earth instead of Hell on wheels. Maybe then morality and honor really will be restored to the White House.

Nah. Why bother?

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