Tuesday :: Dec 13, 2005

“Knee-jerk Anti-War”

by Marie

That’s rich coming from the war-hawks that have squandered the lives of over 2,000 US soldiers, the physical and mental well-being of over 10,000 US soldiers, the lives of something on the order of 100,000 Iraqis, $277 billion (and counting) and haven’t a clue as to how and when these tolls will stop.

I want the MSM that continues to label people like me as “knee-jerk” (last heard on Sunday by Schieffer) to explain exactly what was “knee-jerk” about my conclusions in 2002 (before the IWR vote). I said, Saddam didn’t have WMD. Didn’t have nukes or the ability to develop them in a secret program. That the “aluminum tubes” claim was BS. Whatever stores of weapons he did have, he had no delivery capability that could possibly pose a threat on US soil. Iraq had played no part in 9/11 (and the Prague Atta meeting claim was more BS). IOW, Saddam posed no clear and present danger to the US, and as he seemed more interested in building monuments to himself, there was no likelihood that he would be a threat in the next few years, if ever. Finally, I said that a unilateral invasion of Iraq would become a quagmire.

Later, but before the invasion, it also became clear to me that the “yellowcake from Africa” was also BS. (Iraq already had plenty of yellowcake.) That Saddam was alternately allowing UN weapons inspectors in and belligerently asserting that Iraq was a sovereign nation that should not be subject to such inspections. Far from being insane, he played well with a very weak hand. His regime was dead meat if it were known in the Mid-East that his military capabilities were almost non-existent. So, his only chance to survive was to hope that the US and world community would balk at Bu$hCo’s agenda for war with Iraq. (An agenda that seemed clear in 2000.)

Finally, to believe that the US had to invade Iraq, we also had to believe that the years of the Iran/Iraq War, the Gulf War and over a decade of economic sanctions and bombings had done nothing to destroy Iraq’s military capacity. A capacity that at it’s most robust couldn’t overwhelm a neighbor as large as Iran and only one as small as Kuwait. Can anybody say, “knee-jerk war-hawks?”

But the “knee-jerk war-hawks” don’t stop there in their ability to swallow completely ludicrous propositions. That list has gotten so long that “knee-jerk” is too good for them. Ignoramuses too soft. War-hawk dim-wits works for me. They can’t define “victory” or “winning” in Iraq but they know they want it and can get it. They can’t put a price tag on “victory” (the MBA POTUS, my ass!). They aren’t even honest about the fact that the US military cannot continue to occupy Iraq without significant increases in troops, equipment and money. “Stay the course” may not destroy the Iraqi insurgency but it just might do in our National Guard, Army Reserves and Army. Not only are we not training sufficient Iraqi troops, we are not training sufficient US troops. (Not sure reducing funds for college loans will kick in soon enough to increase the pool of young people with no choice but to become cannon fodder for Iraq.)

How much does the rest of the world enjoy watching us destroy ourselves in Iraq? Enjoy watching us borrow and spend? Enjoy watching us being more concerned about Christ in Christmas, same sex marriage and abortion instead of -- sheesh -- another long list that is growing daily. How soon before we start crying, and the rest of the world breaks out into uncontrollable laughing?

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