Wednesday :: Dec 14, 2005

Senate Rejects House GOP's Food Stamp Cuts

by Steve

The House GOP’s efforts to cut food stamp benefits by $700 million and cut 235,000 from the rolls while ignoring Iraq war expenditures hit a brick wall late today when the Senate refused to go along. It also helped that while the Senate was sticking a finger in Roy Blunt and Denny Hastert’s eyes, progressive labor and Christian activists were staging demonstrations around the country questioning the moral values of the GOP in pushing for spending cuts that harm the most vulnerable while shoveling money to the rich and defense contractors.

But that’s OK; I’m sure the GOP incumbents next year feel real safe, right Muck? The fact that Hastert barely won a spending cut bill today by only two votes means they are sure about their position heading into next year, right? And with Bush sticking by Tom DeLay and Rummy today, I’m sure the GOP is holding a really strong hand next year.

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