Thursday :: Dec 15, 2005

Mark Warner Still Finding His Way On The Message

by Steve

I really want to support outgoing Virginia governor Mark Warner for president in 2008. And yet I read stuff like this:

“Where I disagree with the president is not any action he took, but in an action he has not taken: His need to make an appeal to all Americans to stand up and be great,” Warner said. “After 9/11, after the war, after Katrina ... We know we have enormous challenges, and we know the problems will not be solved by a Democratic or Republican solution but by Americans stepping up and rolling up their sleeves.”

Governor, for all I know, you very well might be the best Democrat candidate in the 2008 race, although Russ Feingold’s, Wesley Clark’s, and John Edwards’ supporters will rightfully disagree. But if you are going to give Bush a pass in an attempt to move beyond the divisiveness and poor judgment of the last five years, then you are not going to get past the primaries.

You’re not running to be a cheerleader here governor, you’re running to show voters why the Democrats need to be returned to the White House and what they would differently to address the country’s challenges. And Stuart Smalley-platitudes like this don’t point out differences, or tell voters why they should vote Democratic in 2008. Ignoring the Bush years is not a recipe for change.

It isn't that difficult to say that Democrats will focus more on Main Street than Wall Street; that Democrats will focus on the public interest instead of the private interests of GOP campaign contributors; that Democrats will actually make health care more available instead of wasting eight years; that Democrats will not lead us into wars of choice but will instead fight real wars against terror; that Democrats will find a balance between conservation and jobs instead of destroying the planet; that Democrats will lead us to energy independence instead of subservience; that Democrats will make our tax system more fair instead of more friendly to the rich and large corporations; and that Democrats will focus on our communities here at home instead of those thousands of miles away.

Perhaps it is too early for such specifics, and I can hope that after Warner leaves office early next year his message will gain some focus.

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