Thursday :: Dec 15, 2005

Yeeargh, Yuck and Whatevers

by Marie

The Two Joes, Hagel and McCain

Pathetic old barking corporate dogs with no bite. Cowering and jumping in the lap of their masters when the “put up or shut up” moment arrives. The corporate and GOP masters of Hagel and McCain insure that when their votes are counted, they are reliably on the far right on anything that matters. The two Joes reliably join the GOP when their votes and voices count; otherwise, they rack up those meaningless votes with the DEMs to delude the masses that they really are Democrats.

Self-promoting spineless wimps with megaphones. At least theirs do no lasting damage to the GOP while ours can’t seem to get enough of bashing DEMs. Have been in primary election mode for the Presidency for so long that they haven’t the foggiest idea about who they were elected to represent. And can’t help themselves from sticking their snouts through the fence to nibble what they see as the greener grass on the other side. Oh, lord, please let CT and DEL put these two out to pasture.

A New Daddy for Bill

Jesse Jackson once famously said that the person he envied the most was Al Gore. Being the beloved son of an accomplished, loving and stable family.

Looks as if Clinton envies GWB. And perhaps Poppy is enjoying the adulation from his new son, the first one that’s not a total dope. Or maybe their bond is that of have-beens forced to live through the political accomplishments of their relatives. Gag me.

GWB Takes Credit for Gas Price Drop

Hmm. Completely delusional? Or did Bu$hCo put the word out to his oil company buddies to cool it? Fall back to help prop up GWB’s poll numbers which will make it easier for him to “stay the course” in Iraq until all those new Iraq oil contracts are signed? Then they will be free to charge whatever the market will bear.

What Did GWB Know and When Did He Know It?

GWB finally says that we went into Iraq on faulty intelligence. When did he know that? Did he miss it when in July 2003 Tenet stood up and took the bullet for the “faulty intelligence.” (Of course, we here at TLC know that was the date when Bu$hCo decided to blame “faulty intelligence” for war. It was just the latest in a series of propaganda efforts to go to war and blunt any criticism of it. The “faulty intelligence” was the brains of Bush/Cheney/Condi/Rummy and their neo-con buddies and not a failure of our intelligence operations.)

GWB Loves to Make Decisions
What a shame he’s so bad at it. (It’s like living with someone that loves to sing but is tone deaf.)

Liberal hating Viet-Vets

Were your dead buddies in ‘Nam sent home like this during LBJ’s tenure? Tell us again how much the righties love the troops. Or does that only apply as long as they are breathing and shooting? And after that they are nothing more than carcasses to be shipped by the lowest bidder?

The Pentagon TIA Lives

What happened to the FBI? Not good enough or corrupt enough to manage Bu$hCo’s domestic enemies list? Hard to believe that Ashcroft and Gonzales couldn’t corrupt the agency -- I mean it’s not like they had J. Edgar Hoover standing in their way (or is it that they didn’t have J. Edgar compiling the lists for them without direction from the AG?). As the FBI couldn’t find a Soviet spy in their midst (Hanssen) and today coddles a senior employee that not only endorses the use of illegal obtained information (today almost as impossible to do as it is to break Texas election law) and will lie about it and manipulate the records, but are so lame that they use white-out to alter the documentation (ref. Mike German – former FBI covert agent). Could it be that the FBI is too incompetent for even Bu$hCo to make use of them? Or perhaps they feared a new Deep Throat could be lurking there.

No wonder Bu$hCo couldn’t afford body armor for the troops or FEMA relief efforts for Katrina. They’ve got the FBI, CIA and Pentagon (and god only knows what lists Chertoff is compiling at HSA) so busy spying on American liberals that they can’t manage much else.

That whole damn Patriot Act has to go. If there is anything in it worth keeping, let them pluck it out, tell us what it means and write a new piece of legislation for it.

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