Thursday :: Dec 15, 2005

Two Pieces Of Good News

by Steve

We have good news on two fronts today. First, the Iraqi elections have ended relatively peacefully with, more importantly, a high turnout amongst the Sunnis. Credit in large part goes to our ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad who has worked hard to hold things together the last several months and encourage the Sunnis to trade their weapons for ballots. Results should be known in two weeks.

Second, after weeks of bad press about Katrina and the federal lack of follow-through, Bush ponied up an additional $1.5 billion commitment to the now over $3 billion for upgrading New Orleans levees. Naturally, when no one is looking, this will be paid for by cutting domestic spending somewhere else while the GOP shovels money without accountability to Iraq and defense/construction contractors, but that is a battle that can be fought at that time. For now, Bush is doing the right thing.

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