Friday :: Dec 16, 2005

No More Golden Fleece

by pessimist

Budget hawk and former Senator William Proxmire has died:

Former Sen. William Proxmire, the Wisconsin Democrat who fought government waste for years with his mocking "Golden Fleece" awards, died Thursday at 90.

Proxmire's monthly "Golden Fleece" awards, which he began in 1975 to point out what he thought were frivolous expenditures of taxpayers' money, became a Washington tradition.

Long before the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law, Proxmire made a point of accepting no contributions.

In 1982 he registered only $145.10 in campaign costs, yet gleaned 64 percent of the vote.

Proxmire said his biggest mistake in Congress was his early support for the Vietnam War, a position he reversed in 1967. [subscription required]

He would never have made it in Bu$hCo. His kind will someday be missed by the people of America once the gravy train derails.

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