Friday :: Dec 16, 2005

Torture No More

by Marie

Nothing wrong with McCain’s anti-torture legislation, although it’s pathetic that the legislation was deemed necessary in the first place. Unfortunately, absent any means to enforce the provisions, it’s just another meaningless law.

Reagan’s roaches had no difficulty getting around the Boland Amendment to fund the Contras, and that was with a small operation (one they successfully characterized as a WH rogue operation). BushI pardoned those perps and BushII hired many of them. The Cheney/Rummy cabal want to return this country to the days before the Church Commission, and not limit the secret use of torture to the CIA but permit the DOD and private contractors to do the same. Bu$hCo is so well integrated into all departments of the Executive Branch (far beyond anything Nixon or Reagan could have dreamed of accomplishing) that I can’t imagine that they will not continue to do as they please.

McCain will do about as much with any future reports of torture as he did with Abu Ghraib and the Abramoff rip-off of Indian tribes. IOW, nothing. It’s like the McCain-Feingold Amendment on campaign financing. Looks good on paper. Great PR and official cover for the federal government. If this one is as effective as McCain-Feingold has been, then Bu$hCo will simply find new and better ways to continue their policies. But it was rather nice of McCain to give Condi a nice prop to waive in the faces of foreign leaders should they dare to question her on US official torture again.

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