Friday :: Dec 16, 2005

Bu$hCo Finds the Terrorists

by Marie

Ta-Da! It’s us.

Let’s see if we’ve got this right. The Patriot Act is loved by the FBI because it makes it easier for them to spy on us. The Pentagon is spying on anti-war activists. God only knows what the CIA and HSA have been doing and who they are spying on. Now we have the NSA operating under an Executive Order far more expansive than anything in the Patriot Act to spy on us (can the reputation of the NYT get any worse with the revelation that they sat on this one for a year?). Are these clowns spending any time planning and executing anything other than better ways to spy on Americans?

How could that have anything to do with 9/11? How did nineteen weird guys on four airplanes and one very weird guy holed up in some cave, all Muslims and mostly from Saudi Arabia, lead our government to respond by increasing surveillance on Americans? This is bizarre. Think, think. 9/11? Way too much from that day forward has been bothering me for a long time, and with two reports in one week of new Bu$hCo covert ops against Americans, it’s time to say a few things.

How did the 9/11 hijackers know to strike on a day when Cheney was running war games. (Games that, at best, could not have been helpful to air traffic controllers and scrambling air force fighter planes. (The one that hit the Pentagon is the most troubling. After two planes plowed into the WTC, it still took almost twenty minutes after the transponder was turned off on AA #77 for jets to be scrambled to intercept it. Scrambled at least ten minutes to late to intercept it. Or why weren’t the jets from Otis flying over the burning WTC redeployed to AA #77?) A day when GWB was completely out of the way. (And how did GWB know to tell an elementary school assembly that “we are at war” before he could have had any knowledge of AA#77 and while exactly what had happened in NY was unknown. Before the Secret Service hustled the POTUS from a Florida school and onto the safety of Air Force One?

Why has KSM been held in a secret location? Never interviewed by anyone outside the Bush Administration. (The 9/11 Commission’s reliance on testimony from KSM that they didn’t see or question first hand is their major failing. So major that their conclusions may be all wrong.)

If you believed that AQ and OBL were behind 9/11would you have gone after them like Bu$hCo did? Announce for a couple of months that we were coming and then man the operation as thinly as possible?
Follow that up by invading a country with zero involvement in 9/11?
Finally divert FBI, CIA, Pentagon and NSA covert operations from AQ to track down and monitor American anti-war activists and liberals.

The Bush gang is the biggest bunch of dumbfucks ever to run a country, 9/11, as we know it, never happened or they are laying the foundation for a permanent takeover of this country.

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