Friday :: Dec 16, 2005

There Goes The Glowing Purple Finger Coverage This Weekend

by Steve

Just when Bush was hoping to get wall-to-wall weekend news coverage of the latest "purple finger" election in Iraq, he instead has to dance away from the crash and burn of the Patriot Act extension and his own illegality in authorizing domestic spying by the NSA.

So what to do? Well, let's suddenly decide to give a safe speech from the Oval Office away from hostile reporters and try to spin everyone's attention back towards the purple fingers.

And if the Times suddenly saw a reason to "un-bury" a story they stupidly agreed to eat last year to help Bush get reelected, how many other stories are out there with their competitors that also stupidly agreed to eat their stories?

By the way, how inept is Bill Frist anyway? Did he not know that at least a half-dozen of his own caucus were going to barf up opposition to the Patriot Act today? Did he or his staff not read the NYT this morning and see that it was the wrong day to push through anything that pissed on the Bill of Rights?

And, oh, rhetorically speaking anyway, if lying to a grand jury about blowjobs was grounds for impeachment, then what is violating your oath to uphold the Constitution worth?

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