Saturday :: Dec 17, 2005

Diane Feinstein Objects to WHIP

by Mary

eRiposte wrote that the Bush policy that reinforces the lies should be called WHIP: The White House Iraq Policy for Deceiving the United States. Except, it's not just the Iraq Policy. It's their policy to cover their takeover of our government.

Today Laura Rozen writes (emphasis in original):

Sen. Dianne Feinstein calls Bush on another aspect of his phony argument here. That briefing a few Senators on the illegal program while restricting them from discussing it constitutes oversight -- or legality:

Feinstein said that informing a handful of members of Congress who are restricted from reporting or responding to the information in any way did not make the policy legal or constitute congressional oversight.

"What is concerning me, as a member of the Intelligence Committee, is if eight people, rather than 535 people, can know there is going to be an illegal act and they were told this under an intelligence umbrella — and therefore, their lips are sealed — does that make the act any less culpable? I don't think so," Feinstein said.

Laura concludes:

And as my friend John says, it's increasingly clear that quagmire in Iraq is the only thing that has saved us from a police state under these guys. We should give thanks to the Iraqis.

Yes, that's always been the idea. This was to be the Republican hegemony, the empire, the one party state. That is what Rove and the Right-Wing have been shooting for for over 40 years.

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