Sunday :: Dec 18, 2005

Letter From California

by paradox

12/18/05 0553.22 pst
San Jose, California

In the next 28 hours, no more, the ACLU is going to file a freedom of information act request to find out precisely which US citizens Bush authorized the NSA to spy upon. Given the nature of the junta we call an Executive Branch it’s expected they will refuse, a strange reaction to the main thrust of Bush’s argument, really.

If it's all legal, how could it be secret? Of course the war felons have kept secrets “legally” before when Enron Dick came out here and kept his energy meetings secret, but that was an “obscure” policy formulation. Spying on American citizens is very personal. If it’s legal, who was and is being spied upon?

It could be anybody—could be me. It truly could be. Since it’s so necessary, let’s find out precisely who these terrorist Americans are. I don’t feel safe until the government tell us who they are so we can protect ourselves.

I suppose, once again, that no information will come forth from the lying crooks in the west wing and that the Republican proletariat, aided and abetted by their “journalism” buddies, will tell us for the hundredth time to shut up and deal with it. That cushy corporate American oppression, baby, it goes so well with my coffee.

A predictable scenario, yes. What I wonder this morning is if the Republican rank and file—the ordinary, everyday citizens who live on my block, who I drive with, shop and work with—will they, too, just allow the utter despoilment of our constitution and country so they can still sneer at freeloader commie peacenik liberals?

They are so similar to me. I know these people, I grew up with them, went to war for them and live my life with them—how on earth is it possible for them not to see what’s glaringly obvious to everyone on the planet but them that George Bush is an extremely dangerous, grossly anti-American war felon dictator who thinks he’s been sent by God above all law to rule the country?

It’s a good question, I think. I’m done with sneering and loathing the Republicans, primarily because it stunts and distorts my character, but also because (it was only possible to realize this after stepping back from it for awhile) it is, in fact, a major part of the problem.

Calling Republicans crooks, liars and thieves for stealing election 2000, although correct, regrettably flipped them into defensive and denial mode; they personally where not crooks and thieves, the great American Supreme Court sealed it all with its approval, and George Bush was a good Republican man, how could a nominee for President not be?

Most Americans do not have 30 days off to read equal protection case law and a bigshot corporate lawyer sister to pester with legal questions to truly understand the nuclear flatulence of lying and theft that Bush vs.Gore represents.

Calling the Republicans on it made them prop up Bush with any pretext—the usurper dictator thief must be held to the greatest esteem to ensure his—and their--legitimacy. The same scenario applies equally well to the American “journalism” corps. It’s not a total explanation for the phenomena of felon Bush, of course not, but it must explain a huge chunk of it.

Okay, the everyday Republicans I know and interact with don’t see this. But surely they can see spying on Americans outside of the courts, at the personal order of the President, to be a total collapse of our democracy and country? If we can’t be left alone in peace when doing nothing wrong, with no legal recourse to stop it, why call ourselves free or have a country at all?

I don’t have a clue as to how to talk to those people or how to make them see what I see. Normally, of course, I wouldn’t give a shit: it’s none of my business, unsolicited political evangelizing is intrusively rude, I may be wrong, it can easily cascade into a purely negative experience, and acceptance of people as they are is a necessary element to human life.

But now, after news of this US citizen spying, I am taken with this urgent need to talk to Republicans I know and hopefully make them see the country has been fucking lost, dudes. I know two of them I want to talk to right off the bat, one a neighbor and another a husband to one of my cousins.

I know these extremely good men well, they are part of my personal American orbit, the tangible human part of my country. Somehow in the next two weeks I feel this extreme compulsion to talk to them for however long it takes to make them see the danger, but the fact is, I plain don’t know how. I wish I did. Now, in all the times that I have witnessed, our country is in its greatest danger. Something must change soon among the everyday folk among us so we can all see the peril, or we may never get our country back—for any American’s lifetime.

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