Monday :: Dec 19, 2005

John Dean: Bush Has Admitted To An Impeachable Offense

by Steve

A quick summary of developments since my post this morning on the NSA spying issue:

John Dean has concluded that Bush has openly admitted to committing an impeachable offense. As a result, Barbara Boxer asked four presidential scholars late today for their views on whether or not Bush’s sanctioning of an illegal activity against Americans is in fact impeachable.

Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter reveals tonight that Bush tried to kill the NYT story on NSA spying by dragging the paper’s publisher and executive editor to the White House on December 6 to twist their arms. But to their credit, the men who let Judy Miller take the paper down the drain were no longer willing to let Bush get away with it again. Alter points us to the real reason Bush is fighting back so hard on this. It isn’t because there is a national security risk here; it is because this case would reveal Bush for what he is: a law breaker. Not only a law breaker and a liar, but a guy facing some impeachment talk as well.

As Kos noted today, if you needed a reason for Abu Gonzales to be removed from office, how about his claim that the post-9/11 war resolution for Afghanistan was the authorization to spy on Americans. And he confirmed that the administration never asked for the specific authority to do what they did here because they knew Congress would not approve it.

And Bush’s defiant performance today did little to help him it appears, but he did manage to demand that Samuel Alito be seated by January 20th.

Mr. President, you’re in no position to demand anything.

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