Tuesday :: Dec 20, 2005

A 2005 Christmas Pageant Play

by Marie

Cheney as the three wise men from the west. Following On-Star. Come to the Middle-East to pay tribute to dictators, puppets and kings. Bearing the gift of American Goodwill. The blinding light of phosphorus flares that precedes and follows the wise man’s flying machine, will be the sign the people have been waiting for. The message from God that the Word from America is the new Good News. Come to let them adore him.

What bozo in the WH thought this one up? Dispatching Cheney to spread Christmas cheer in the Mid-East? Cheney and cheer is an oxymoron. Cheney, cheer, Christmas and the mid-east is a triple oxymoron. Beats me how a Cheney trip anywhere at anytime is supposed to build support for the US among those that don’t much like us. Have they emblazoned AF-2 with “Love Me or You’re Next?”

Mr. 19% approval rating wouldn’t help GWB in Ithaca, Philadelphia, Aberdeen, San Antonio or Elgin but he’s going to win Muslim hearts and minds in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt? Are even Americans, other than GWB, dumb enough to buy that? So, what’s the real mission? Cheney as the looking glass Santa picking up Christmas toys from Mussariff, Karzai, King X and Mubarak for their good little boy, Georgie?

(Oops, the Cheney sled is beating a fast retreat back to DC before his pack of goodies was filled. Nothing like a threat that the Christmas gold, oil and gas for his buddies from the people of America would turn into a lump of coal to get prepared to appear on the Hill and twist a few arms.)

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