Tuesday :: Dec 20, 2005

Parsing Numbers

by Marie

GWB’s approval rating bounces between 35 and 44%. The approval rating for Congress is down to 25%. To me that demonstrates the failure of the Democratic Party. That number for Congress is the closest we can get to measuring support in this country for the policies of GWB since Congress for the past five years has been little more than the Bu$hCo agenda. The country has only balked twice. In part because the issues were simple enough that they could absorb them in the news sound bites they think passes for political information.

The second was the anti-torture amendment, and the biggest beneficiary from that one was McCain. The first was Schiavo and the Democrats so totally muffed that one that there were no winners, only losers. Now we are in the midst of the third one.

Bu$hCo’s extralegal domestic spying could easily be perceived by 70% of Americas as disgusting. Once again, it’s doubtful that Reid can maintain party discipline in the Senate on this. Two Democratic Senators voted for cloture on the Patriot Act. These two weren’t enough to end the filibuster, but do demonstrate that Democrats in the Senate remain weak.

More worrisome is that some Congressional Democrats were informed of the NSA spying and did nothing. One of whom was Nancy Pelosi. What kind of public servants have we elected if they do nothing when told that others in government are engaged in official acts that are illegal? If those Democrats in “the know” defend their non-action because the information was “classified,” GWB wins (and that‘s why Rove already has GWB out there playing offense on this). Just as easily as GWB and the GOP didn’t suffer any ramifications from the Enron meltdown because some Democratic officials had also been compromised by holding out their grubby hands when the filthy Enron money was being doled out. (A practice that was advanced by Clinton and the DLC. A practice that might have elected a few more Democrats, but also made them useless Democrats.)

Whistleblowing takes courage. It changes the life of the whistleblower forever, and usually not for the better. If Bunnatine Greenhouse, a devoted high level public servant in the contracting office of the Corps of Engineers, had the courage, what’s wrong with those wimps on the Hill? If real American patriots, those who respect and defend the Constitution and our laws, had any brains they would kick the asses of every member of Congress that remained silent about Bu$hCo illegal spying. Every last one of them regardless of Party affiliation. Regardless of rank. As far as I’m concerned they are traitors. Worse traitors than those that exposed a covert CIA operative and those that engaged in the cover-up of that crime. After all, that one only busted a CIA operation, but this one blows a hole in our Constitution.

Let’s dispense with any excuse that the NSA spying wasn’t illegal. There is no legal provision for this program. Not to spy on international tele-communications by Americans and much less domestic telecommunications by Americans that the WH has also admitted to. The argument that it is legal under the Constitution (used by the Nixon Administration) became complete hogwash with the passage of the FISA Act. It should also be noted that violation of the FISA Act is a felony punishable by prison time of five years. Nor does the excuse that acting quickly hold any water. FISA authorizations can be obtained quickly and even retroactively. If NSA was only engaging in surveillance of suspected al Qaeda operatives as GWB claims, FISA would have expedited and approved every request. (Wouldn’t you like to know what Bu$hCo is hiding? And who they have been monitoring?)

(All of this does make me wonder if the WH didn’t get something on a Democrat or two. Perhaps a phone call to a girlfriend abroad? What would Bu$hCo do with some good dirt on an opponent? Might explain some spinelessness on the left side of the aisle.)

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