Wednesday :: Dec 21, 2005

Cheney's Vote Needed To Pay For Tax Cuts And Corporate Welfare

by Steve

Cheney rushed back to cast the tie-breaking vote this morning in the Senate on an alleged deficit reduction bill, a bill that actually adds to the deficit because cuts in domestic programs are washed away by the tax breaks the GOP plan on passing in 2006. And if Cheney thinks that deficits don’t matter, then we can assume that the real reason he came home so soon was to ensure that those domestic programs could be cut to pay for those tax cuts. Just remember that Medicaid, child support enforcement, foster care, child care, and other worthy programs are being reduced by the GOP in order to maintain and extend tax breaks for the wealthy and Corporate America. In fact, the domestic cuts would be largely unnecessary had the GOP Senate and House reined in unnecessary corporate welfare in the Medicare and Medicaid programs that benefits drug and managed care companies.

What should be noted however is that five GOP senators crossed the line to vote with a unanimous Democratic caucus against this bill, making Cheney’s vote necessary. Three of the five GOP senators who voted against the White House are up for re-election next year (DeWine of Ohio, Chafee of Rhode Island, and Snowe of Maine) and are more worried about alienating their constituents than they are about alienating the White House, a development that portends trouble ahead for Bush.

Dick might be a busy boy in 2006.

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