Wednesday :: Dec 21, 2005

ANWR Gamble Fails - GOP Can't Get 60 Votes To Stop Democrat Filibuster

by Steve

The Senate GOP leadership thought that the only way they could ram through a vote to open up the ANWR to oil drilling over the objections of Democrats and even members of their own caucus was to attach the ANWR piece to a defense authorization bill, which included of course money for Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean, who would have the balls to vote against Afghanistan or Iraq on a vote Frist and Dick Cheney couldn’t win outright?

Guess what? Strategy failed. ANWR sinks the defense bill, as the GOP can’t line up 60 votes to shut off a filibuster threat. Since Frist is still four votes short, he either has to delete the ANWR from the defense bill or use the nuclear option to benefit oil companies, and not the American Taliban. Fuck you Ted Stevens and Dick Cheney.

Update: Who were the Democrats who voted with Bush on this, and who were the Republicans who went against the White House?

Democrats in favor of ANWR:

Akaka of Hawaii
Inouye of Hawaii
Landrieu (LA)
Nelson (NE)

Republicans Against ANWR:

Chafee (RI)
DeWine (OH)
Frist voted no for procedural issues

The Hawaiian senators vote against the party and in favor of Alaska routinely, so there is no surprise there. Nelson still thinks that a vote against ANWR will hurt him next year, and Landrieu is a captive to Big Oil. Both Chafee and DeWine have gone against the White House on both big votes today, although it is possible that DeWine will still be pistol-whipped into submission later and give Frist 58 votes (including his own). So the question is this:

Which two Democrats can the White House still get to overcome the filibuster threat and do Big Oil’s bidding?

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