Wednesday :: Dec 21, 2005

Dear Senator Reid (Part 1)

by eriposte

As one of your fans, I am encouraged by the fact that the Democratic party is fighting back against the undemocratic, unconstitutional, dictatorial power grab by George W. Bush. Yet, it is clear, once again, that the Democratic party seems to have ceded the debate on national security to a bunch of incompetent partisan hacks in the Republican Party who let 9/11 happen on their watch and invaded the wrong country in response (Iraq), leading to the greatest strategic and national security disaster in modern American history.

Sen. Reid, unlike highly overrated Far-Right conservative judges who inadvertently reveal their longing for dictatorship (while inadvertently admitting the criminality of their King), I am a simple man who is totally against dictatorships and monarchs of any sort. Perhaps that's because of my hatred for people like Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein, but that's who I am. Perhaps one or two Appeals Court judges embarrassments and other miscellaneous Bush administration patsies are willing to offer reasons why some form of dictatorship is good for America, but Bush was not crowned Dictator, he was chosen to be President. Any fool, even the most incompetent one, knows that it is relatively easy to "secure the country" by usurping dictatorial powers, but if a person sees the need to assert such powers to secure America (especially during a time that does not even come close to matching the World War II era), then it only reveals the person's incompetence and lack of fitness to hold office as the leader of a capitalist democracy.

I fervently hope, that as the most prominent Democratic spokesperson, you will also hasten to point out the toxic message of support that Bush and his patsies send to dictators and communists everywhere with their actions. A message that:

A capitalist liberal (libertarian) democracy is merely a theory that is unsustainable under threat of war or terrorism

I strongly reject this terrible message and I urge you and the Democratic Party to do the same. I sternly reject the notion perpetrated by Bush and his cronies that somehow American's admired liberal democratic traditions cannot be sustained in wars and in the fight against terrorism. President Bush, in his words and actions, has demonstrated that he is always quick to raise the white flag of surrender and cut and run from America's fundamental governing principles and philosophies. The words and actions of Bush and his blind supporters in Government and the media, regrettably, help America's enemies perpetrate the myth that people worldwide should abandon dreams of liberal democracy because such democracy is not possible under threats to the people's security. I simply and soundly reject this false notion and act of surrender to terrorists and communist dictators everywhere, an act that also deceives all our children - the future of America - into believing that you cannot have a liberal democracy in this world as long as there are terrorists around.

I find it disappointing, but predictable, that with some notable exceptions, the reaction of Bush Republicans is one of surrender. I am saddened that their act of surrender to terrorists and communists around the world will lead even America's biggest fans to doubt the viability and stability of liberal democracies. History has shown that Bush's cronies are grievously wrong and that their cowardly views are a repudiation of America's great values. I urge you to remind Americans of this simple fact.

Finally, dictatorship may be easy (for some) but those who like it should become Saddam Hussein's defense lawyers or Fidel Castro's chief of staff. America requires a serious and competent President who knows how to always secure the country's values of liberty and democracy and simultaneously fight and win against terrorists and criminal dictators, without surrendering to their philosophy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I suspect I will write again in the coming days.

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