Wednesday :: Dec 21, 2005

The I-Word And Two Right Wing Lies About Bush's Illegality

by Steve

Yeah, it’s an online survey, but it’s still fun to look at.

And for all of you who keep writing in with the right-wing talking points about how allegedly Clinton and Carter also issued executive orders authorizing warrant less searches of Americans by the NSA as Drudge claimed: wrong.

While we’re debunking right wing talking points, it is also a lie that a 2002 federal FISA appeals court ruling makes Bush’s secret surveillance program legal. In fact, the FISA makes what Bush did illegal.

Lastly, Bush has now run into problems with the judges who sit on the FISA court, who want an explanation from the administration on why Bush/Cheney felt they had to go around the court. These judges may now also want to find out whether or not any of the wiretaps obtained by the Bush Administration were with tainted evidence. Oops.

But remember, I'm just being led around by the nose on this silly issue...

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