Wednesday :: Dec 21, 2005

Bush Lied About Osama Satellite Phone Leak

by Steve

Another Bush lie is exposed:

President Bush asserted this week that the news media published a U.S. government leak in 1998 about Osama bin Laden's use of a satellite phone, alerting the al Qaeda leader to government monitoring and prompting him to abandon the device.
The story of the vicious leak that destroyed a valuable intelligence operation was first reported by a best-selling book, validated by the Sept. 11 commission and then repeated by the president.
But it appears to be an urban myth.

Spinning yarns and trashing the Constitution: your leader of the free world in action. It's good to see how much better our intelligence has gotten since Porter took over.

So can I at least see my NSA file now to make sure you dickheads didn't get my first name wrong? I'm sure you'll have to look for it awhile...

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