Friday :: Dec 23, 2005

Fisherman's Tales

by pessimist

Now we know where King George found Scott McClellan!

Fisherman nabs two-mouthed trout

(AP Photo/Submitted photo, Charrye Olberding)

Clarence Olberding, 57, of Lincoln, wasn't just telling a fisherman's fib when he called over another angler to look at the two-mouthed trout.

Olberding had pulled the fish from Holmes Lake in Lincoln, Neb., on Dec. 17, 2005, when he noticed something odd about it. "I reached down and grabbed it to take the hook out, and that's when I noticed that the hook was in the upper mouth and there was another jaw protruding out below," said Olberding.

In four decades of fishing, he had never seen anything like it. It weighed in at about a pound. Olberding, who plans to smoke and eat the fish, said the hook was in the upper mouth, and that the lower one did not appear to be functional.

Don Gabelhouse, head of the fisheries division of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, hadn't seen a two-mouthed fish before, either. "It's probably a genetic deformity," he said. "I don't think there's anything wrong with it."

Olberding still planned to eat the fish.

Maybe he should instead send it to King George so he can eat it at his next Royal "Ain't No Global Warmin' " Cookout!

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