Saturday :: Dec 24, 2005

Quick Hits: Novak's Knowledge; Barron's On Impeachment

by Steve

Novak, in his going away interview with Wolf on CNN today, says he has known all along that Iraq didn’t have WMDs, because his sources in the military and the IAEA inspectors said so. To his credit, it is true that guys like Novak and Buchanan have been against this war from the start.

Barron’s, of all places, mentions impeachment in an editorial commentary today, arguing that the same House Judiciary Committee that was outraged about blowjobs should be at least as outraged about an executive that knowingly violates laws.

A Newsweek commentary draws parallels between the Bush Administration’s defense of its domestic spying program and the rationales used by the apartheid South African regimes for years to do the same thing.

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