Saturday :: Dec 24, 2005

Two Cent's Worth on Impeachment

by pessimist

Over at BuzzFlash, one person had this to say concerning the controversy surrounding impeaching George and Unka Dickie:

Would you rather have a president who gets a blow job from a pizza delivery girl but leads the nation forward or a president who is screwing the country and is rowing us back to the era of the absolute power of King George?
The practical challenge, however, is that you would have to impeach Bush and Cheney simultaneously.
Ah, but one can dream. The Busheviks haven't taken that right of ours away.


Indeed, but with the 1918 flu virus already being distributed to several labs around the nation, will there still be enough time?

Can we trust profit-seeking corporate interests with such a dangerous virus?

Whatever the reason offered for 'further research' should we not heed the voice of caution and not hand King George a reason to declare martial law and get out from under the looming impeachment he faces?

Bush opponents are calling for his impeachment and prosecution on seventeen different counts. All it will take is one alleged case of communicable human avian influenza, and all of this will be a moot point as we slip into martial law.

What say you, readers?

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