Monday :: Dec 26, 2005

Open Thread

by pessimist

I seem to be first out of the gate today, so I'll set the pace.

Speaking of Pace, what about his insistance yesterday on Fox 'News' Sunday that the Iraqis want us out as fast as possible? how does this situation square with the circle that claims America is spreading freedom and democracy?

And what about Enron? Rick Causey could make things VERY uncomfortable for Kenny-boy and Jeff Skilling!

And what of Osama bin Forgotten? Now that his niece is getting more press than he is, is it now time for another taped broadcast?

And what of our wrong-wing friends and their claims that the economy is doing so well - for them?

If none of those topics push your buttons, then pick your own, for the comment line is now open for what ever YOU have to discuss!

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