Tuesday :: Dec 27, 2005

Budget Cuts On The Horizon For The Pentagon?

by Steve

It looks like the cold hard reality of Bush’s fiscal recklessness have finally smacked into the Pentagon of all places. According to Tuesday’s New York Times, Rummy’s staff has begun telling the defense industry that the party is over. From the days before 9/11, Rummy has sought to transform the military from its fixation on big and costly weapons systems to a focus on Special Forces, anti-terror capabilities, and more mobility. In other words, the kind of military and force posture that John Kerry called for during the election, only to see Cheney and Bush bash him for advocating budget cuts and not understanding the true threat we face, yada yada yada.

Aside from this transformation that Rummy has wanted but never insisted upon, it appears that the administration's deficit reduction promises have forced it to tell the defense industry to expect flat budgets, if not outright cuts. Whether these cuts actually happen is another matter, but with Bush’s Medicare corporate welfare about to gobble up more and more of the budget, and his insistence that no taxes be raised, we are about to see the military come in second to tax cuts.

I'm sure China and Iran are giddy.

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