Tuesday :: Dec 27, 2005

Yoo and Scalito

by Duckman GR

John Yoo, who reminds me of a weaker version of Abu Gonzales who himself truly embodies the "just following orders" mentality best represented by Heinrich Himmler, did say this in his recent WaPo editorial, via Josh Marshall.

"The worst thing you could do, now that people are critical of your views, is to run and hide. I agree with the work I did. I have an obligation to explain it," Yoo said from his Berkeley office. "I'm one of the few people who is willing to defend decisions I made in government."

Do you think Alito will follow Mr. Yoo's wonderful advice? Given the recent Alito revelations regarding Roe, and Government Officials Immunity.

"Our chances of persuading the court to accept an absolute immunity argument would probably be improved in a case involving a less controversial official and a less controversial era," he wrote.

Yes, because there's nothing better than carte blanche to run roughshod over the Constitution of this Country, and no better place for someone with those beliefs than on the Supreme Court, now is there.

From the top on down, these people are anathema to Democracy, to the Constitution, to their Precioussssss Christianity, to decency, Mom, and Apple Pie, and my New Year resolution (that's an "s" there Mr Gonzales, not a "v") is to help America see that unfortunate truth.

And to help fighting Democrats like Paul Hackett and Francine Busby regain control of this out-of-control Republican Ruled Congress.

And a Safe and Healthy Holidays to all.

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