Friday :: Dec 30, 2005

Failure of the Media

by Duckman GR

Ms. Duckman and I have different views on why the Democrats have troubles, and why John Kerry failed to regain the White House in '04. The other day though, when I got home from work she said to me, "maybe it is the media that's the problem."

Which does not absolve Democrats, but takes some of the burden off. And these articles that Atrios links to, by Steno Sue Schmidt are pefect examples of their failure.

First there's Abramoff the closest and dearest friend of tom DeLay, and then a scant few months later, there's the two men [Abramoff and DeLay] never became personally close, according to associates of both men.

Well, which one is it, Sue? It's one or the other, but it can't be both.

You can't just transcribe what people tell you and call it reporting. That's why they call you "Steno" Sue, because somebody is lying to you and you aren't finding out who. And it matters, that personal relationship, just like it mattered that randy cunningham was tight with brent wilkes, just like it matters that Kenny Boy Lay does know george w bush and father, just like he does know the however many of his top Enron officials that have plead guilty (and it's a bunch), it's all about the personal relationships, the access to the good ol boy network, in this case, the BFEE crime family.

Of course, you can make the case that people who lie and steal and manipulate their clients and constituents for personal gain and power, who violate their fiduciary and electoral responsibilities for profit, who steal millions of dollars and elections for the benefit of family and business associates, you could rightly say that those people have no personal integrity, and would thus have no actual friends, just hypocritical friends or co-conspirators with common goals or objectives using similar methods of deceit, vote rigging, bribery, threats, and thievery.

Sure, they deny their associations when it becomes necessary to avoid the noose. And instead of lying about it personally, they get the press, in an otherwise decent article, to do the denials for them.

And that's the critical aspect of the whole sordid mess, the accountability and responsibility that these criminals need to absorb. So long as nobody is particularly responsible, the crimes, the wars, the Halliburtinization of our country, will continue.

The moral lesson that society needs to learn, that there are consequences to actions, that nobody is above the law, that this is a nation built on the rule of law, founded on the bedrock of our Constution and our Rights, will never happen until we get a press willing to report, willing to forgo the holy grail of access and its concomitant manipulation, willing to appear shrill and impolite to the powers that be, willing to speak truth to power.

We need to end media celebrity, tear down Bob Kneepads Woodward and his sort, the buffoons and tools of the DC Beltway and their koolness, and get back to that free press unrespective of the powerful, or as Mark Twain put it, [my bold]

Our newspapers are abused. We are told that they are irreverent, coarse, vulgar, ribald. I hope they will remain irreverent. I would like that irreverence to be preserved in America forever and ever--irreverence for all royalties and all those titled creatures born into privilege. - Interview, 12/1889
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