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The Winds Of Permanent Change

by pessimist

As one commenter noted in a recent comment thread, Tropical Storm Zeta formed in the Atlantic, tying a record with Tropical Storm Alice, which developed Dec. 30, 1954. While Zeta is not expected to become a hurricane, it does raise the point that the idea of global warming is nothing to be scoffed at, but instead should be researched.

The so-called experts, displaying caution for many reasons - not the least of which is the tired excuse borrowed too often by the 'conservatives': "It's always been this way and always will!" - hesitate to make the connection that they hint at in their comments.

But even in this article, there is - unlike within the 'conservative' camp - some intense division of opinion.

[C]hanges in North Atlantic circulation almost certainly were a factor, scientists say. The big question for researchers is whether the latest warm phase and the ferocity of the 2005 hurricane season got a charge from global warming.

They don't know. What they do know is that the cycle is far from over. "This could last another 20 years," says Alberto Mestas-Nuñez, a hurricane researcher in Miami.

In fact, "Forecasters have said that hurricane seasons are going to be more active than usual for at least another decade."

That is a chilling forecast, both for owners of coastal property and for U.S. taxpayers. Driven largely by hurricane damages, federal disaster expenses are off the charts.

Sadly, demonstrating that ignoring the poor after a natural disaster is a bipartisan exercise in neglect. While Bu$hCo FEMA can't seem to get Katrina's victims housed, the DLC DINOs from the Clinton FEMA were just as culpable in not seeing to the needs to victims of Hurricane Floyd:

N.C. Victims of '99 Hurricane Are Still Weathering Woes

Floyd dropped more than 20 inches of rain on eastern North Carolina after making landfall in September 1999. Flooding destroyed 90 percent of Princeville's buildings, but only seven homes were covered by flood insurance. People without flood insurance still had to pay their original mortgage and then took out loans to rebuild, often borrowing extra cash for improvements such as central air conditioning, said Emma Davis, the town's housing case manager.

Jessie Murphy rebuilt her wrecked home after Hurricane Floyd dumped rain that overran levees and inundated her historic home town. Now she wonders if she should have bothered. And she worries that the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans will someday feel the same way.

Murphy moved into one of the mobile homes provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It was placed in her front yard, where she could watch over the reconstruction of her house. One contractor left work unfinished after taking more than $6,000; others in Princeville also suffered from fraud.

Murphy now struggles to pay two loans on the three-bedroom and narrowly avoided foreclosure this year.

This should be a clear example of why the DLC DINOs are viewed as GOP-lite, and also why their current star - Hillary - doesn't stand a chance of garnering the 2008 nomination. Even though she herself had no role in this 1999 FEMA bungling, she was connected to the man at the top on whose desk the disapprobation dollar drops. Thus, anyone who had any tenuous connection to this neglect of Princeville has no business running for higher office through which said pol could adversely affect all of us, such as Bu$hCo has done since 2001.

But in traditional American ways, everyday Americans are sending aid - even from Texas! It may be that New Orlinians will have to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, and some are gathering the necessary tools for that effort. Others are gathing information to reunite pets with their owners to ease the depression of survivors. City of Fresno employees held a blanket drive sent more than 100 new blankets off to Slidell, Louisiana, Fresno's sister city.

One student gave up his holiday break to help serve meals to thousands of people, while residents of Mine donated bikes to the transportation-starved region.

Even war-ravaged Bosnia has sent in a team to identify Katrina victims.

But what of FEMA? What of the (mi$)admini$tration which bragged about how much better they were going to be for America?

FEMA has given GOP-ruled Mississippi over $1 billion in aid - while presenting Democrat-ruled Louisiana with a bill for disaster assistance already rendered. In addition, GOP-infested Texas is GRANTED $11 million in disater relief, in part for housing Katrina victims. No payback required!

And hardest-hit Louisiana is expected to reimburse FEMA!

But all is not rosy in Mississippi, either. Mississippi companies had received less than 4.5 percent of the $4.1 billion of the hurricane contracts the federal government has awarded to first-line contractors - who then hire whoever they want to do work in Mississippi.

One thing that can't [don't want our wrong-wingers to get the wrong impression that is their wont!] be said about Clinton's FEMA is that they took advantage of the ones they were supposed to help. I guess they didn't learn their GOP-lite lessons very well.

So it really will fall to those directly affected to raise themselves up with the help of Americans who haven't forgotten what Christian charity is supposed to be. It's pretty much how Princeville got back on their feet:

A driving force in the decision to rebuild Princeville was its historic significance as the nation's oldest town founded by freed slaves, and the history of New Orleans is often cited as a reason to rebuild there. Princeville "has come a long way from a town that at one time appeared it was so damaged that there was no way to repair it and make it whole again," said David Kelly, who led recovery efforts and now directs the western office of the state redevelopment commission.
"But the people of Princeville wouldn't let that happen, and I hope the people of New Orleans do the same."

It's clear that they can't rely upon their Bu$hCo national government. They will only have themselves - and those who help them - to rebuild like Princeville did.

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