Saturday :: Dec 31, 2005

In A Terror-able World

by pessimist

King George just loves to crow about how he's lured all the 'terrists' to Iraq so 'we can fight them over there and not here.'

Maybe we should cook that crow so he can eat it.

Is it not terror if a government friendly to the US (while it's people are almost unanimously not!) kills 25 Sudanese refugees who were only seeking shelter from the Darfur oil-driven massacres without comment while the US neocon wannabes called loudly for revenge against 'Al-Qaeda' for holding Christian humnanitarians and others [since freed] captive? Egypt doesn't have a lot of oil, and thus must not be worthy of any complaint from Bu$hCo, the Be$t Government Chri$tian Campaign Contribution$ Can Buy.

It might also explain why there has been no major coverage of the kidnappings of OAS officials in Haiti who were there to oversee fair elections - something the American Enterprise Institute says are Worth Waiting For. After all - such coverage might point out that toppling Aristide hasn't worked out any better than toppling Saddam has!

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