Monday :: Jan 2, 2006

Bush Dumps Iraqi Reconstruction Task Onto Others

by Steve

We’ve heard a lot of crap from the right wing over the last several weeks about how the “real story” of all our good deeds in Iraq are not being reported by our media. We’ve even seen how U. S. taxpayer dollars have been used to buy good media coverage from Iraqis so that a well-oiled propaganda machine can exist in the country, spewing stories out right and left about the wonderful accomplishments of the United States in helping liberate Iraqis, and give them a new country and a new life.

Let’s see how this gets spun by our propagandists at the Pentagon, the Rendon Group, and the Lincoln Group, or whatever the hell their names are today. It looks like Bush is being consistent with his character and losing interest in another venture. After bombing Iraq and its infrastructure back to the Stone Age in order to "liberate" its people, and leaving its electrical grid, sewer and water systems, and public health services in even worse shape than their Saddam-era sanctions-driven pitiful state, Bush has decided to ditch any further reconstruction of the country. The Washington Post reports today that the administration won't ask for any more reconstruction funds for Iraq, telling the Iraqis they're on their own now, and that others can clean up George’s mess, and step forward to finish the job that we started.

I’m sure this will go over well in Iraq and will do a lot to convince others in the Arab world of our good intentions. It sure will make Karen Hughes’ job more interesting, huh? In reality, Bush doesn’t have the political support here at home anymore to throw billions at Iraq when our own country is crumbling all around us. But he and the GOP will still want to declare victory next November anyway.

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