Tuesday :: Jan 3, 2006

Abramoff Will Plead Guilty To Three Counts And Cooperate

by Steve

Abramoff will plead guilty to three federal counts of public corruption, fraud, and tax evasion which can lead to up to ten years in federal prison. His actual time served will be dictated by his cooperation in nailing other targets, and how valuable his testimony is in prosecuting those cases. As ReddHedd notes, the federal prosecutors will keep this hanging over Abramoff’s head until those indictments and trials if any are completed, so Abramoff may be the gift that keeps on giving for awhile.

Remember that whatever drivel the pathetic and grossly overmatched Ed Henry of CNN pushes about this being a bipartisan problem, only the GOP had the levers of power available to them to actually deliver anything. Henry and the rest of the White House ass-kissers in the media can do their best “the Dems did it to” impression, but until losers like Henry run a story with that storyline and the words “K Street Project” in the same piece, they have no understanding of what they are blowing into the camera. Because if Henry or the rest of the Beltway kneepadders actually understood how the Abramoff case could undo the GOP’s decades-old work in integrating the K Street lobby houses and their checkbooks into the congressional GOP’s policy-making and fund-raising operations, then they would know that whichever Democrats took money from the tribes are small-time fish compared to the scope of what may come as a result of Abramoff’s assistance.

Pay-for-play in this case only applies to the GOP, and any decent journalist with a PC and knowledge of Google would know that. Which explains why Henry is like a child covering this case.

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