Friday :: Jan 6, 2006

King-George-gate: A Note to Readers

by eriposte

Sometime back, reader Anjha asked what people can do to help other than express their views in the comments section. I'd like to answer that briefly in the context of the ongoing spying scandal.

Yesterday I published a detailed debunking list on the claims from Far Right supporters of George Bush's illegal spying on Americans (citizens and permanent residents).

King-George-gate: Myths v. Realities

As it turns out Bill in Portland Maine at Daily Kos saw my post and very kindly mentioned it in his Cheers and Jeers section this morning at Daily Kos. Bill says:

So keep this link handy for rapid-response rebuttals when all the president's pawns slime the truth.  

That's where, you, as readers can help.

If you hear or read something that distorts the truth on the spying issue or misleads or lies about the spying scandal in an attempt to justify it, please use my link to see if the claim has been debunked. If it has, please send the author of the false/misleading claim the URL of the post or better still, the appropriate debunking link which is contained in my post. Let me know (by email) if the person making the incorrect, false or misleading claim corrects their view. If you see some new claim (not mentioned in my post), please send me a link to it by email.

I would suggest you focus particularly on traditional media (especially print and TV). Write to your favorite columnist or reporter or even your local reporters or columnists who are covering the story.

Your help would be greatly appreciated! If someone corrects their view or coverage because of your efforts I will be happy to mention it here.

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