Friday :: Jan 6, 2006

And WE Don't Have a Clue?

by pessimist

Our Wrong-Wing Wregulars love to gloat among themselves about their perception that we progressives don't understand what is going on in the world, and why King George deserves - nay! demands - our support.

What say you about the results of a poll conducted by those crazy liberals over at the John Birch Society:


Should George Bush be impeached and removed from office?

Yes, because he lied us into war, has used the NSA to eavesdrop on the conversations of Americans without a court order, and has violated the Constitution in other ways. - 57%

No, because George W. Bush was justified in going to war and continues to do a good job. - 18%

No, because even though he has made mistakes those mistakes do not rise to the level of impeachment. - 22%

I don't know. - 3%

You will note that the combined total of the 'NO' votes is still less than that of the 'YES' votes.

Such cluelessness! Are we not hearing Reichmarshall Rumsfled's pronouncements that the only place the war can be lost is in the United States? We should ignore those experienced military officers in the field who say newly American-trained Iraqi security forces might turn into militias for hire!

It just gets better on the flip side!

Clearly, those many of those who are conducting King George's Crusade for Crude watched too much television when they were younger. The (at the time) advanced special effects of shows like Star Trek must have really made an impression on them, and they wish they had such technology available for their own use:

I'd like to be able to pick the terrorist out. I'd like a detector ‘tricorder' for intent or evil. I'd like to know ahead of time that this person is planning to hurt other people with the use of IEDs.” - Starnes Walker, Office of Naval Research chief scientist.

But not all of those conducting KingGeorge's Iraqi Oil Rustle are totally blinded:

Keith Masback, assistant deputy director for source operations at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, said such innovations point toward an adaptive enemy.
“They're deceiving our sensors. They're fooling our analysis, and they're challenging us in every front."

Maybe because there is too much reliance on inappropriate computer models?

In current U.S. operations, terrorist and insurgent forces enjoy a significant advantage by being able to launch surprise attacks, whether by small arms, mortar, or improvised explosive devices (IEDs), against weakly defended or undefended targets and disappearing before U.S. forces can concentrate for a counterstrike.

Recent work has applied and extended discrete choice models originally developed for use in econometrics to predicting the spatial probability of criminal activity.

A fundamental limitation of the techniques as they stand, however, is that they do not model changes in the subjects' decision-making processes; they must currently assume that the subjects' preferences are static.

And yet, even this loud touting of technology being superior to humanity recognizes that this requirement for success cannot be reliable:

[M]odern terrorist groups demonstrate an ability to learn and adapt quickly, making it difficult to predict future actions on the basis of past actions. This limits the time horizon over which predictions are of use, and can cause periods of very poor prediction performance when a significant change in strategy occurs.

Like this change in strategy?

Attacks by suicide bombers killed as many as 130 people in Karbala and Ramadi on Thursday, rekindling fears of a return to mass sectarian killings ...

I guess Reichsmarshall Rumsfeld's memo didn't make it back to Iraq yet. It looks to them like their war is being won on the steps of Iraqi mosques.

[Before you trolls get going, I'm horrified about these poor people dying over sectarian differences that were much more restrained before Dumbya pulled the shackles off and then walked away from the situation. I blame him.]

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