Friday :: Jan 6, 2006

Friday Night Quick Hits

by Steve

As I prepare to wrap up a good vacation in Manhattan and head back home tomorrow, I came across several items of interest tonight. First, despite other polls showing a slight uptick in Bush’s numbers as a result of his frantic effort to sell a rosy scenario for both Iraq and the economy, the just-released AP/Ipsos poll out today shows that Bush’s approval rating has only come back to a paltry 40 percent. Worse yet, respondents are giving the “thumbs down” to the GOP for Congress next year, as the Democrats now have a 13-point advantage in the generic ballot question. You’re doing a heckuva job, Karl.

We lost 11 more yesterday in Iraq. How negligent is Donald Rumsfeld in the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq? Well besides sending too few troops to secure the country and maintain a flawed occupation, the New York Times is reporting that an internal Pentagon study (gee, leaked by someone I suppose) has found that a good many of the deaths suffered by our troops would have been avoided if the Pentagon had provided body armor that has been available since 2003. Yup, the GOP sure is best on defense, aren’t they? And can Carl Levin and other Senate Democrats please raise hell on this for the next month please?

Can someone please tell Chris Matthews to stop doing the journalistic Lewinsky on Tom DeLay? I mean, the guy is now getting dumped by his own caucus, yet Matthews is being a character witness for him lately.

Guess who was wired in the weeks before he copped a plea? The Dukestir. How many nervous GOP members and lobbyists do you think there are now?

On the same day, we find out that both the Congressional Research Service and GOP Senator Sam Brownback have problems with Bush’s domestic spying rationale.

I have to admit it is fun to see Al Qaeda play Bush like a violin. But at least Zalmay Khalilzad is doing the right thing by meeting with local insurgents and split them off from Al Qaeda.

And lastly, the best the Bush economy could do in December was 108,000 new jobs?

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