Saturday :: Jan 7, 2006

Corrupt at all levels

by Duckman GR

We often ask when will the real republicans start to speak out, to assert themselves, to begin the long and arduous task of redeeming the republican party of rove and delay and gingrich and norquist and scaife and viguerie and kristol, all the crooks and liars, lott and frist and bush bush bush.

Here's a reminder of why it isn't happening.

We have a special election coming up on the 10th to fill the vacancies created by the resignation of the 2 Democratic City Councilmen convicted of bribery and other ethics violations, Michael Zucchet's conviction being overturned later.

Somehow or other, the local gop is sending out mailers to Democrats urging them to support the republican candidate, all paid for by the local gop and in violation of campaign laws. And they've done it again,

A third Republican mailer that appears to violate state and city campaign laws has been sent to Democrats in San Diego's council District 8 – including City Council candidate Benjamin Hueso.

The first article mentions 6 people that received the mailings, but the Chair of the San Diego Democratic party assures us it is far more widespread, and adds his personal belief that the gop will be more than happy to absorb the cost of the fines, fines far too late to have an impact on the actual election.

This is the gop of today. From the top on down, they respect no law, no rules, nobody, they spit on tradition and commity and community, they only know one thing, power. Power at all costs. Bill of Rights? Sheepskin! Majority Rules? Diebold! Sovereignty? Different colored money!

The end justifies the means, and that wouldn't be as bad if the end were beneficial to us all, or to the many, or even to those who could really use the help. Instead of for the benefit of the benefited, the toppers, the privileged, the Unindicted Co-Conspirators of W.

So don't look for any changes too soon, even with the departure of the bugman, even if the gop loses congress. Because they're rotten from top to bottom.

Here's the Press Release issued by the San Diego County Democratic Party, for those interested:

Contact: Jess Durfee, Party Chair, (619) 750-5377 cell

Republican Party Breaks Election Laws to Help Acle

Local Democrats Demand Full Disclosure, Ethics Investigations
SAN DIEGO - The San Diego County Democratic Party filed complaints with state and local election authorities Jan. 3rd, calling for the San Diego Republican Party to end and account for its violations of campaign laws in a City Council race.

Last weekend the Republican Party sent two illegal mailers to Democrats in support of Luis Acle, their endorsed candidate for San Diego City Council in District 8. The mail pieces were designated as "member communications," which the Party can legally raise and spend funds to send only to registered Republicans.

Upon learning of the mailers, the local Democratic Party filed complaints with the California Fair Political Practices Commission and the San Diego Ethics Commission. The violations are in direct conflict with campaign finance laws and bans on laundering campaign donations, both misdemeanors that could carry penalties of up to $10,000, or three times the amount of the violations, whichever is greater.

"The Republican Party in San Diego owes voters an immediate apology - and an explanation," said Jess Durfee, Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party. "It seems they've learned nothing from the recent history of Republican ethics problems. We demand to know who contributed the funds for the illegal mail and how this violation was allowed to take place."

Durfee also decried the Republicans' timing, noting that the investigation and penalties for their action would fall after the election on Jan. 10th. He said voters in the heavily Democratic district deserve to know now who paid to influence their votes on behalf of Luis Acle.

The Democratic Chair also urged voters to check for potential violations in San Diego's District 2, where the Republican Party has endorsed Kevin Faulconer.

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*** Chair Jess Durfee is available for interviews: (619) 750-5377 ***

PHONE: (858) 277-3367 * FAX: (858) 571-0275 * WWW.SDDEMOCRATS.ORG

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