Sunday :: Jan 8, 2006

Back In From The Coast

by Steve

Ah,the joys of transcontinental travel. We just got in from New York on a flight that was supposed to arrive in Sacto before midnight. Great trip, got a chance to see some great plays, and came back not only with a sinus infection, but to also find out that right wing bloggers are mad at me for something I partially said. First off, thanks to Eriposte for responding in kind earlier today while I was in the air. Second, screw them.

Third, given the disinformation and continual efforts of right wing blogs and the Kool-Aid drinkers who read them to smear those who don't buy their BS as unpatriotic, unAmerican, Al Qaeda-supporting, or whatever else they can hurl, it is a waste of time to respond to people who:

1) have already been wrong about Iraq and the war on terror;

2) would never get off their asses and fight Bush's war;

3) wouldn't know patriotism if it bit them in the ass; and

4) spend too much time afraid of whatever bogeyman Bush throws at them.

These people function best when they tear other people down, and blame them for problems that their Dear Leader created. They also seem to have a good time tearing down people who actually fought in wars and saw the horrors of combat first hand, but who themselves are too chickenshit to walk away from their day job of being a Keyboard Kommando and actually go fight the war. So be it. They are the miserable rabble that is today's GOP.

Anyway, thanks to Eriposte for his piece today, and let's all do our best to ignore the trolls this year, as I plan to do from now on.

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