Tuesday :: Jan 10, 2006

Bush Returns To The "My Critics Are Irresponsible" Whining

by Steve

Oh no kids; Bush is back with his "aiding the enemy" attacks against us. This is coming from a man who fought the Vietnam war from under a barstool in Alabama while defending the Gulf Coast from the VC.

President Bush warned Democratic critics of his Iraq policy on Tuesday to watch what they say or risk giving "comfort to our adversaries" and suffering at the ballot box in November. Democrats said Bush should take his own advice.
Tuesday's equally sharp message represented an attempt by the president to neutralize Democrats' ability to use Iraq — where violence is surging in the wake of December parliamentary elections and messy negotiations to form a new coalition government — as an election-year cudgel against Republicans.
Bush acknowledged deep differences over Iraq among casualty-weary Americans, just 39 percent of whom approve of his handling of the war, according to AP-Ipsos. Without specifically mentioning Democrats, the president urged campaigning politicians to "conduct this debate responsibly."
He said he welcomed "honest critics" who question the way the war is being conducted and the "loyal opposition" that points out what is wrong with his administration's approach.
But he termed irresponsible the "partisan critics who claim that we acted in Iraq because of oil or because of Israel or because we misled the American people," as well as "defeatists who refuse to see that anything is right."

Bush mentions these three things specifically because these attacks are the three that scare the GOP the most. He can’t defend himself from the "blood for oil" charge when the Cheney Energy Task Force had the charts of Iraqi oil fields under serious discussion (and under an unending shield from outside view) right after he took office. He can’t act as if Israel didn’t factor into the decision making when a good part of his war Cabinet wrote of the need for regime change to help Israel when they founded PNAC a half-decade earlier. And he can’t defend himself from the charge that the war drive was based on misleading the American people when over half of America feels this way now, and every reason Bush gave for invading was proven faulty, and was known to be faulty by some in his administration at the time he sent the letter to Congress March 19, 2003. Yet these are the three specific examples of irresponsible remarks Bush identified today, in a typical Rovian "attack from your weakness" mode.

So please, can there be at least one Democrat will stand up in the next day or so to challenge Bush on these three things? Challenge Bush to say right now, unequivocally that we have no designs on Iraqi oil, that the PNAC manifesto had no impact whatsoever on his Mideast policy, and that neither he nor his administration have misled Congress or the American people about Iraq.

Please, just one Democrat in one high visibility opportunity over the next several days, that’s all I ask. And while they are at it, can they also remind the president that while we have our Bill of Rights, dissent is not irresponsible, at least until Sam Alito comes aboard?

It is Mr. Bush who has given aid and comfort to the enemy by:

-Letting Bin Laden get away at Tora Bora;

-Crippling the war against terror by diverting attention and resources towards Iraq;

-Letting Zarqawi get away not once but twice in 2002;

-Invading Iraq without a plan to keep it from becoming an Al Qaeda training ground;

-Letting the Taliban regroup and spread terror once again in Afghanistan; and

-Becoming the best recruiter that Al Qaeda could want while Zawahiri throws his words back at him when he, Zarqawi, and Bin Laden should all be dead now.

That my friends is a record of a man, George W. Bush, who is irresponsible for providing aid and comfort to the enemy, for not protecting our troops, and for letting his underlings hang our troops out to dry. He is the one who is truly enabling our enemies.

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