Saturday :: Jan 14, 2006

Quick Hits: 52% Support Impeachment If Bush Authorized Domestic Spying Without Warrants

by Steve

A couple of stories this morning that you might find of interest.

Yes, the right wing and its media mouthpieces are planning to “Swift Boat” John Murtha. This comes after the White House tried to get the brass to go after him, and they refused to do so. Murtha, for his part, will be on “60 Minutes” tomorrow night.

Bush has surprised his staff by calling Iran a “grave threat”, which at the end of the day is nothing but rhetoric, since we can’t do anything about them at this time. We should have dealt with these guys in late 2001, but that is water under the bridge now.

A day after Bush BS’d his way to telling residents of the Big Easy of the great improvement in their lives there, they wondered what city he was talking about.

Keep your eyes on the intra-party scramble for the House GOP leadership. It’s going to be messy, and leave scars. Pelosi can sit back and watch. The GOP will either have to go with the Blunt or Boehner factions, both compromised with Abramoff money and other dirty work, or turn to the Republican Policy Committee types who will push budget and tax cuts next month that will sink them with the public.

Bush’s Medicare drug benefit has crashed and taken the states down with it.

And check out this poll on the question of impeachment and Bush’s NSA spying difficulties.

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