Saturday :: Jan 14, 2006

Bush Administration Misses Al Qaeda Number Two, Again

by Steve

Well, as we all might have guessed, seeing how these things have turned out in the past, CNN is reporting that the Bush Administration acted on faulty intelligence once again and snuffed out 18 innocent Pakistanis, including women and children, in a failed attempt to kill Al Qaeda Number Two Ayman al-Zawahiri. Musharraf has lodged a formal complaint to cover his ass at home, but not much more will come of this, except the ongoing hatred of the United States and its forces by the Pakistani people. And somewhere someone in Al Qaeda is laughing his ass off right now, after seeing us react to a planted “tip” once again.

It is likely that al-Zawahiri himself is laughing a good deal, seeing Bush jump at the chance to act on bad intelligence and go after him, a week after al-Zawahiri taunted Bush with the "you are beaten if you withdraw" from Iraq message. And we certainly jumped at the chance once again, didn't we?

Remember the days when the same people who are now saying "tough shit, this is a war" in reaction to the news that innocent Pakistanis were killed, also blasted Clinton for going after Bin Laden's factory in Africa and killing innocents there as well? Except Clinton did it at night, and went after an "aspirin" or baby formula factory, and not the homes of innocents.

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