Tuesday :: Jan 17, 2006

McClellan And Abu Gonzales Attack Gore By Lying About Clinton Administration And FISA

by Steve

Boy, they must really be scared at the White House.

The White House went on the offensive against Al Gore today, claiming that they welcome his attacks. Scotty McClellan then launched into out and out lies about the Clinton Administration and warrant less electronic searches. Eriposte’s fine piece from earlier this month shows that the White House and Abu Gonzales are lying today.

“If Al Gore is going to be the voice of the Democrats on national security matters, we welcome it,” White House press secretary Scott McClellan said in a swipe at the Democrat, who lost the 2000 election to Bush only after the Supreme Court intervened.

You shouldn’t Scotty; it was on Bush’s watch that Al Qaeda attacked us.

McClellan said the Clinton-Gore administration had engaged in warrant less physical searches, and he cited an FBI search of the home of CIA turncoat Aldrich Ames without permission from a judge. He said Clinton’s deputy attorney general, Jamie Gorelick, had testified before Congress that the president had the inherent authority to engage in physical searches without warrants.
“I think his hypocrisy knows no bounds,” McClellan said of Gore.

Nice try Scotty, but you are the last person in the world to talk about hypocrisy. But don’t try and confuse physical searches with electronic searches, which are covered by the FISA and which you don’t have the authority to conduct without a warrant. Besides, this is a lie. The Aldrich Ames search was a physical search, and at the time was not covered by the FISA. Therefore the Clinton Administration did not go around the court to conduct a warrant-less search, and Abu Gonzales and Scott McClellan both know this and are lying to the American people.

“It’s my understanding that during the Clinton administration there was activity regarding physical searches without warrants,” Gonzales said. “I can also say it’s my understanding that the deputy attorney general testified before Congress that the president does have the inherent authority under the Constitution to engage in physical searches without a warrant. And so, those would certainly seem to be inconsistent with what the former vice president was saying today.”

Again, Abu, don’t confuse the issue here. Gorelick’s testimony in 1994 dealt with physical searches, not electronic searches, which were covered by the FISA. Physical searches weren’t covered by the FISA until later. Gore is talking about domestic electronic searches without a warrant. Both you and Scott McClellan know that the Clinton Administration didn’t go around the FISA, and you are lying to the American people this morning, safe in the knowledge that the traditional media will not challenge the White House on its lies. But you are lying, and the fact that both the president’s press flack and the AG of the United States are blatantly lying about the record shows how desperate the Bush Administration is on this issue, and how they have no answers to deal with this mess except to lie and hope the media helps them out again.

Lie and smear, lie and smear. That is all they know how to do well.

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